Packing started

I have started finally do some packing. I think my suitcase is going to be quite empty, at least on my way there, but sure that it is full of things that I will bring to my dear kids :)

But the most important to pack is my camera gear. And for that I am making sure that I will not miss anything. I am not taking my tripod with me, because it is so big and heavy and the times I am needing it is quite few. My dear friend in Himeji is borrowing one of his for me on the times when I need it.

I have to make a list of my camera gear for insurance purposes if I should loose or they are stolen, so that I can prove what I had.

Being a bit jittery at the moment but I think that is normal. I am so anxiously waiting for tomorrow and the time when I get to my base camp and meet my dear friend. I think we will take couple beers together and relax for a while.

A bit bummer is that my operated leg still has quite much pain and I just hope that it will not make my trip hellish. I am planning to walk there a lot. Another major thing is the Typhoon that is heading towards Japan and going to swipe over the area where I am going. Let’s just hope that it is not doing any major damage.

Bye for now. Tomorrow the journey begins.

Br, Mac