Day 2 – Local Himeji tour

The day after the Typhoon gave us beautiful weather and blue sky with nice clean air. We had breakfast in the morning and went for a little tour in Himeji. Himeji Castle is now very beautiful after being renovated. We rented a bike (new thing and very convenient) near castle and if you come here remember to rent a bike. Very convenient way to cover much larger area and costs only 100 ¥. Tourist you must have your passport with you, because the need to verify who you are and without it you are not able to rent it.

We rode to Himeji Castle and took some pictures there and it was truly beautiful after the renovation. Still you are not able to go inside the castle, but there are places where you can go and see the beautiful area. After that we rode around the castle and which I had never done before, but a local person who knows the place like his own pockets, helped a lot. There were beautiful places around the castle and it was nice to ride a bike there. Riding a bike you can cover much larger area than just by walking. My friend showed me some nice locations what he had discovered there.


After that we went to our meeting point Koko-en Garden where we met first in 2011. When buying a ticket to Castle, remember to buy a ticket to Himeji Castle + Koko-en Garden. You will save some money to buy this combined ticket. Koko-en Garden was as beautiful as I remembered and I truly think that is the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever been in Japan. In Koko-en Garden there are different types of garden inside it and you can also join a traditional tee party there.



Day 1 – Arriving in Japan

Oh boy was I lucky person when I arrived in Japan. There was big Typhoon arriving in Japan just the day when I was going there. I was fearing that my trip would be canceled or delayed due to this Typhoon. Just as I arrived in Osaka Kansai International Airport, it was starting to get worse weather. I took a Limousine bus (thanks to my friend Taro who told me to take it) from the airport with a help of American man who guided me to correct place. It took me about 2 hours to get to Himeji, where I was going to keep my base camp.

When arriving to Himeji, the weather got even worse and I took a taxi to my friends house. When I arrived to his house, the weather was getting really bad and it was raining and strong wind was evolving. Well I got to my friends house just in time. It was great reunion on our meeting each other since 2011 when we first met in Koko-en Garden in Himeji. I settled myself and we decided to go out for a quick photo-shooting into a local botanical garden. Wind was blowing really hard and it was raining really bad. We took some pictures on the location but then decided that it is not safe to be outside and headed back to home.

MMS_1953I have arrived safely just in time to Japan. I had true luck, be











We watched news and noticed that airports were closed and trains stopped running due to the Typhoon, so basically if my flight would have been like half an hour later, I wouldn’t be able to land in Japan and that would have been a disaster.

During the night the Typhoon blew over city of Himeji and we were safely in my friends house. What a lucky man I was