Packing started

I have started finally do some packing. I think my suitcase is going to be quite empty, at least on my way there, but sure that it is full of things that I will bring to my dear kids :)

But the most important to pack is my camera gear. And for that I am making sure that I will not miss anything. I am not taking my tripod with me, because it is so big and heavy and the times I am needing it is quite few. My dear friend in Himeji is borrowing one of his for me on the times when I need it.

I have to make a list of my camera gear for insurance purposes if I should loose or they are stolen, so that I can prove what I had.

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Trip is closing

WOW! I cannot believe this, but I have booked yet another trip to Japan. This would be my 6th trip and this time again alone. My plans are to visit and meet some of my photography friends there and travel around different places and of course take a lot of photos.

Just orderes new camera bag which is light and compact so it would be easy to carry out my gear. This camera bag is Lowepro Flipside Sport 10L AW which is going to be extremely handy on my trip.

Travelling time will be 12th to 22nd of October 2014 and I am flying to Osaka, but going to travel by bus to Himeji, where I meet my friend. So happy to meet him.

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